What crypto do online casinos use?

Nowadays, online casinos are adopting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. There are several crypto-currencies that online casinos use. For example, a casino may decide to use; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple or Etherium. First and foremost, let's understand what crypto-currencies are.

How does a Casino using Cryptocurrency Work?

To begin with, there is little difference with the basic online casinos. All they give is a chance to use cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currency. But, unfortunately, most gamblers don't understand the concept of dealing with these currencies.

However, it's good to note that you don't have to understand the concepts to use them when playing. Therefore, crypto-currencies are a viable option. Besides, they offer many more advantages. For example, crypto-currencies are safe, and transactions remain anonymous.

Is it legal to Play with Crypto?

This is a valid question. Besides, not all countries legalize crypto-currencies. However, in countries like Canada, it's legal. Most casinos in Canada accept it, and the banks have no problems. In other words, using crypto is within your constitutional rights.

How safe is it?

On the contrary, most gamblers ask how safe it is to play using crypto. As you would expect, there are various forms of cryptocurrencies. Luckily, legit casinos will only accept the most trusted cryptos. Examples of trusted cryptos include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Advantages of using crypto

To start with, using crypto is entirely safe. You don't have to worry if the transaction will be traced. Secondly, due to blockchain technology, it's difficult to tamper with a transaction. Also, there are no transaction fees.

Difference Between Crypto Casinos and Fiat Currency Casinos

As stated earlier, there are no significant differences. The difference is the currency in use. It's the player who decides which money to use. Nevertheless, when using crypto-currencies, you will have an advantage like incurring zero transaction fees.

Games Offered at Crypto Online Casinos

Playing at an online casino is advantageous. This is because players get a wide variety of games. For instance, crypto casinos offer various variations of slot machines only. Here are examples of games available at crypto online casinos:

  1. Slot machines
  2. Blackjack
  3. Roulette

In addition, it's advisable to start playing simple games. A good example is blackjack. You only need to beat the dealer so long as you don't go over 21. Such a game helps you familiarize yourself with the user interface.

How to Play in a Crypto Online Casino?

Playing at a crypto casino is simple. Besides, the only thing that it's added is the cryptocurrencies. Secondly, you are required to have a crypto wallet. Here is a guide to playing in a crypto casino;

Buy the cryptocurrency

Buying the crypto-currency is the first thing you need to do. Secondly, check which cryptos the online casino accepts. Luckily, all legit crypto casinos accept cryptos like Bitcoin. After doing so, you can now play at your favourite online casino.

Create an e-wallet

Creating an e-wallet is a must before playing at a crypto casino. This is because, after buying, it's essential to keep it safe. There are several e-wallets you can create. However, wallets created through Coinbase are the best.

Register and Play

Registering is the last thing you do. However, make sure the cryptocurrency offers the crypto you have. Also, confirm if the casino is safe to play in. After that, register and complete your deposit. Remember to play responsibly.

How do Casinos Treat Cryptos?

Online casinos treat cryptos differently. For example, one casino may treat the crypto as an in-game currency while another may want to convert it first. Therefore, it's always advisable to choose a casino that allows crypto as an in-game currency.

Be Vigilant of Fake Crypto Games

Last but not least, always be careful. With the rise of crypto casinos, there will always be fake ones. Don't fall for any crypto casino you come across. Some online casinos might offer counterfeit or pirated games. Research carefully.

Furthermore, remember to read site reviews. They always advise on the best cryptocurrency online casinos. However, some site reviews are not genuine. It's up to you to differentiate them. You can differentiate them by contacting the respective customer care teams.

Last modified: 25 February 2022